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Choosing the Right Soccer Program for your Player

Recreation vs. Competition  |  Independent Program vs. Club Program

Youth Soccer is growing in the US exponentially! We, Northern Utah United / Infinity SC, are proud to be a part of that enthusiastic growth. The sport of soccer has become so popular because of the many aspects of...
Sound of Silence Speaks Volumes About Bawling Parents
Lancashire FA’s Silent Weekend, where parents can watch but not shout, proves to be a big success

There was an unusual noise emanating from the parks and public spaces of Lancashire last weekend. In recreation grounds and council playing fields across the county it was a clatter quite unlike....
Keeping your Cool as a Youth Soccer Coach | Have you ever noticed how the best coaches are usually the most calm?  Perhaps this is simply a reflection of their happiness with the victory occurring on the pitch, but you’ll often notice that these coaches have a similar demeanor during losses and matches where things aren’t going their team’s way.  Likewise, the coaches who...
The Importance of Adversity in Growth and Development  |  The development path to excellence in anything is filled with moments of great reward; but challenge, disappointment, and frustration are also frequent companions on the road.  While that sounds demotivating, and perhaps an article about growth and development shouldn’t be so blunt, this truth cannot be hidden or ignored.  Ignoring reality doesn’t make it different, and naivety almost always impairs anyone’s ability to navigate complex situations.
Legendary Coaching Mentor Horst Wein on Improving Youth Soccer Development in America  |  As an outspoken advocate of a more child-centered approach to soccer, Wein has spoken widely of “game intelligence” and the need for major changes in youth soccer. “It is not sufficient to teach your players well,” he has said, “it’s essential for future successes to prepare them better than others.”
Jürgen Klinsmann on Youth Soccer in the US  |  January 29, 2013 | Today, the U.S. Men’s National Team held a heavy possession advantage against Canada and played its rival to the north to a scoreless draw at BBVA Compass Stadium.  The U.S., which is celebrating its 100-year anniversary, kicked off the Centennial campaign by extending its unbeaten streak against Canada to 16 games (8-0-8).  U.S. 
He Put up a Good Fight!  |  Kenton Reynolds came home from the hospital on Sunday, January 20th after his bone marrow transplant.  Unfortunately his cancer came back stronger than ever and he passed away on Tuesday January 22nd, a bit...
Barcelona Fever and U.S. Soccer  |  In the past few years we have been experiencing a “Barcelona Fever” around the world, which is understandable due to the high level of soccer they have been playing, something one might call pure art. To all soccer fans throughout the world this is fantastic; however, this “Barcelona Fever” is somehow confusing some soccer professionals and causing negative achievements in terms of youth development.  First we need to understand how...
Development in Youth Soccer – What Does It Mean?   |   Much has been said lately about Development in Youth Sports. The expression “It’s about development” is constantly being used to define and explain many situations presently occurring in the SoCal soccer scene.  As it happens, the meaning of Development gets even more important when...
The Evolution of the Outside Back   |  Like many things in this world, soccer is constantly evolving.  Technology with equipment is becoming more advanced every day, we are able to track players distances traveled with computer chips, and the strategies have been evolving.  One of the most significant in my opinion is the importance of having an...
Things My Mother Never Said to Me as a Soccer Player  | Things My Mother Never Said to Me as a Soccer Player ~ By: John Napier ~ Do We as Parents Really Know What Is Best for Our Children?  In today’s modern sports world, where the parents of young athletes determine what is “best” for their children (even though it is not always the best choice for them), it is refreshing to come across articles like the one below.  Too many times – in all sports – the team coach or club has been in situations where they are not able to function without parent interference and a lot of...
Personal Foul: Parents - Part 1  |  Several violent moments erupted during Utah youth sporting events over the past few months.  The first, happened in Monroe. Referees there called an eighth-grade football game after halftime because of unruly parents and players. Then, a Payson coach was charged with...
Personal Foul: Parents - Part 2  |  Every year, roughly 40 million kids sign up for youth sports across the country. While that may seem like a lot, several studies show most of those kids want to quit sports altogether by the age of 13. The reason?
Youth Soccer Rising in Popularity   |  Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and, in Utah, popularity is rising.  Last year, nearly 44,000 kids signed up to play with Utah Youth Soccer, the governing body of soccer in the state. That's enough athletes to fill Rio Tinto stadium in Sandy... twice.
USU Soccer Team Headed to NCAA Tourney   |  USU beats No. 19 Denver in WAC tournament final. 
By Jason Turner | Herald Journal.  It was a fairy tale ending for the Aggies in their final season in the Western Athletic Conference.  Utah State went ahead on an own goal in the fourth minute and was able to...
Michelin Signature Soccer Program  |  Michelin continues to support our local communities by donating FREE soccer balls to our youth.
Bair led La Rocca to New Heights   |  Former Sky View great Stacy Bair has always endeavored to play against the best soccer players in the country and, at the same time, prove athletes from Utah can compete against the elite of the elite.  Bair and her teammates at the Ogden based La Roca Futbol Club certainly...
Cache Valley Cup Continues to Grow   |  More than 3,100 kids between the ages of 9 and 18 will be competing in the valley’s largest annual soccer tournament. The eighth installment of the Cache Valley Cup kicked off...
Local Teams Compete in National Tournament  | After winning their age group championship in the Utah State President’s Cup earlier this year, the Infinity SC '97 (U15 girls) and Internationals '98 (U14 boys) teams are on their way to
HANDBALL OR DELIBERATE HANDLING?  |  Handball, defined by many as, "contact between the hand and the ball" is not a foul, never has been, and referees are instructed not to call it a foul. Deliberate handling.........
Total Football  |  'Total Football' and its attacking pressure are very spectacular. It places great demands on individual and team tactical excellence... An absolute prerequisite, to master such a team tactical aspect, is that all the players possess a............
Teach Principles, Not Aspects  |  As a coach and trainer, there are only so many hours in a day, and only so many hours we have with our kids to teach them how to play soccer.  If we want to maximize our...

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