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Challenger League Registration Info
Fall 2014/Spring 2015 Season

Registration is now open for the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 - Challenger League

The player and team registration deadline for the new season is quickly approaching.  If you are interested in coaching a Challenger Soccer League team this year, please read the appropriate information below carefully and completely.

Note: You will need a team-specific Team Assignment code to register. (see below).
Forms & Dowloads
General Information
Coaching Requirements
All coaches and assistant coaches coaching in the Challenger League are required to have a coaching license as follows:

All coaches and assistant coaches on Challenger League teams are required to hold an E license. Challenger Coaches who coach more than one team, must have a licensed assistant coach for each team.

License waivers are available for coaches who do not currently have a coaching license. Waivers are good for one season, and may only be granted to an individual once in a lifetime. Once the waiver is expired, the coach will no longer be allowed to coach until they receive their coaching license, or apply for and receive a one-time extension (where applicable). D waivers may only be granted to coaches who already hold an E license.

Waivers can be applied through the Utah Youth Soccer Association, after the coach has registered online. The cost of both an E and D Waiver is: $25. Waiver extensions, where applicable are $50.

All Coaches Licensing is done through the Utah Youth Soccer Association. Check the UYSA website for more info on licensing clinics and Waiver information at:

NUU will reimburse coaches for of the cost of their licensing class. Just email a copy of your license when you receive it, along with your address, and we will mail you a rebate. This offer is only good for any licensing done during the seasonal 2014/15 season, and not for licenses received prior to this playing season.

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Minimum and Maximum Roster Size For Challenger League Teams
  • U9 - U11 play 8v8 and must have a roster between 8 and 14 players.
  • U12 - U15 play 11v11 and must have a roster between 11 and 18 players
  • U16 - U19 play 11v11 and must have a roster between 11 and 22 players - with special game day roster requirements.

If you are holding a tryout to fill your roster, you may post your Challenger League tryout information on our website by clicking the ‘Tryout Ad Form’ above and to the left.  Please note that the form is for Challenger League tryouts only. If you  want to post a tryout advertisment for the State Comp League please click the UYSA Comp League tab above.

Tryouts for Challenger League teams may not begin until the Tuesday following Memorial Day (May 27th, 2014).

Upon completion of tryouts, teams must make an offer to the parents of the player in writing (may be by text, email, or mail). Players/parents must be given a minimum of 24 hours to consider the offer. The offer is considered accepted and official once the player has registered.

Click Here To review the complete tryout policy (recommended).

Age Groups
The Age groupings for the Fall 2014 / Spring 2015 season are as follows:
U9 August 2005 - July 2006U13 August 2001 - July 2002U17 August 1997 - July 1998
U10 August 2004 - July 2005U14 August 2000 - July 2001U18 August 1996 - July 1997
U11 August 2003 - July 2004U15 August 1999 - July 2000U19 August 1995 - July 1996
U12 August 2002 - July 2003U16 August 1998 - July 1999

Any team wanting to attend summer tournaments should make every effort to have their player and team registration done as soon as possible to ensure that your registration is processed in time for your tournament. You will also need to make sure you get photos uploaded as soon as possible.

Teams going to in-state tournaments will likely only need a tournament photo roster to play, but teams attending out of state tournaments will likely need player cards. Contact Terri Baker at or 753-8202 if you need player cards.

Challenger League Registration Fees
  • U9-14 | $75.00 / year
  • U15-19 | $45.00 / 1 season
  • Spring Only | $45.00
  • Field Fees | $10.00 year / $5.00 one season
Note: The field fee is now included in the player registration fees, and will be collected through online registration.

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Referee Fees
Referee fees will be collected and paid in a different way this year. When we have more information from UYSA on how and when they must be collected and paid, we will let you know. Complete breakdown of referee fees can be found in our Fee Schedule, located  under the Downloads section of our Resources page.

Field Approval
You must get field approval for use of all fields. Your team registration will not be accepted without the appropriate field approval signatures.

Using our city fields is a privilege, we suggest that all coaches work with their teams to make sure that we are respectful regarding the use of these fields to help us ensure that we may continue to keep fees as low as possible, and to ensure that we may continue to use them. Please make sure that your team picks up all trash before leaving the fields, and be cautious not to play on overly wet fields, or encourage any activities which may result in damage to the playing fields.

Many fields are in great demand, and we cannot guarantee that all teams will get the fields that they request. To have the best chance of getting the home field that you would like, please contact the field rep as soon as possible. We will be limited the number of teams on each field, to ensure that fields are not overused.

Field Representative information is at the bottom of this page (Click Here).

Field Marking
All teams should be prepared to take a turn in marking fields, if needed. Each team should be able to find two or three volunteers to help mark their fields before and during the season. If every team participates, it is little work for everyone, rather than a huge job for someone. NUU will take care of the cost of the paint, and provide the field marking equipment.

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Field Equipment
Every field should be equipped with goals and nets, (except fields in the Brigham City area, where nets may be required of every home team, for each game), however all teams should have their own set of corner flags. It is the responsibility of the Home team to provide the corner flags for each game. Corner flags can easily be found online for less than $20 - up to about $45. (Check out Sator Soccer online at: ) Coaches can also find other equipment at this site, like Goalkeeper equipment, training equipment, etc.) Also, you can check our website’s Resource page for specials from local vendors and others.

Medical Releases
As part of the player online registration process, parents will be prompted to print a copy of their registration form and sign it and give it to the head coach. This copy of the registration can be used as a medical release in case a player is injured in a game or practice and the parents are not present to give their permission for medical treatment. You will need to have these medical releases at every practice and at every game. They will also be required for check in at most tournaments. Make sure you remind all players to turn in a copy of their registration form to you.

Play up Rule
No player younger than U9 may play in any competition program*. Players who are U9 or U10 may not be registered to a team that competes in an age group more than one year older than the player’s age group. Players who are U11 - U14 may not be registered to a team that competes in an age group more than two years older than the player’s age group. Players U15 or older may play up without restriction. At the state level: any team playing U11 may not roster more than five (5) U10 players. Special play up restrictions apply for High School age teams (U15 - U19), please contact your Registrar for more information. (*There are a few very specific exceptions to this rule. Please call the registrar if you need more information.)

Multiple Rostering
Multiple rostering allows players to play on two teams at the same time. Players must be U11 or older and both teams must play at the same level of play, ie: State or Challenger. Additionally, the teams must be in different age brackets -AND- play in different divisions. Players must pay fees for both teams. There are restrictions on how many non-Multiple rostered players teams must have on their rosters. U9 -U11 must have a minimum of 6 non-Multiple rostered players

Developmental Pass - Challenger League Only
The developmental pass is a tool that allows a team to ‘borrow’ a player from another team on a limited basis. Players may only developmental pass within the same level of play, and between teams within the same organization (both teams are Infinity SC teams, or both teams are Northern Utah United teams, etc.). Each player may developmental pass a total of six times, and a team may only developmental pass 3 player in any given game. This is a coach managed program, but must be done through the online registration program (Affinity or ADG). The complete policy and instructions on how to use the Developmental pass is available on our website.

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Team Registration Instructions
The Team Registration Deadline for the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 season is Saturday, June 14th.
  1. Contact us- When you have decided you would like to register a competition team, please contact Terri Baker at (435) 753-8202 or send an email to with the following information:
  • Team Name
  • Team Age
  • Gender
  • Play Level (Challenger League)
  • Head Coach and Team Manager Information:
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • e-mail address
  • Your Proposed Home Field
Onc we have received your information we will then send you instructions for online player and coach registration, team registration information, team assignment codes, and other important information by e-mail. You will not be able to register your team without this information.

We will also send the Head Coach a free year membership for SoccerTech, an online Coaching and player resource. This program is usually available for subscription for $12.95 a month. We encourage coaches to look through it, and recommend it to your players. Players will be able to register for the same program when they register online, for only $5 a year. This is an incredible coaching and training resource that we feel will greatly benefit our club. Watch the NUU website’s Resource page for more information on SoccerTech.
  1. Player and Coach registration will be due online, and will be due by Saturday, June 14th Once your initial team information is received by the Registrar (see 1. Above), we will send you, by e-mail, a list of team assignment codes, a URL (web address), and additional information and instructions. These team assignment codes are unique to your team, one for players that can be used mulitple times, one for the Head coach, one for assistant coaches, and one for team managers (the assistant coach assignment code can be used multiple times). Each player and coach will then need to get online and register, pay applicable fees, and enter their specific team assignment code which will put them directly on your team’s roster. This must be done by June 14th Coaches will no longer need to collect individual player fees, players will pay their own player fees & field fees online for the entire year, as part of the online registration process.
  2. Team registration is due is due to the Registrar and must be received by Saturday, June 14th . Any team registrations not received by Saturday, June 14th, will be considered late. Late teams will need to be approved by Northern Utah United’s competition board and will be charged a $50 late fee, and run the risk of not being accepted. Team registration consists of:
  • A Registration Checklist, with field authorization and coaches signature. (Available under Resources / Downloads).
  • Any Multiple Roster forms, if applicable
  • Completed Coaching Waivers, where applicable. Note: This must be done through the Utah Youth Soccer Association. See the General Information above for more information.
  • Pictures (these may be uploaded online or submitted electronically or on a disk).
  • Birth Certificates for all players
NOTE: Team must have a minimum number of players on the roster and a Head coach to complete the team registration.

Northern Utah United Registrars:
You can choose whichever registrar is more convenient for you and submit paperwork in person or electronically to either:

Affiliated Club Registrar:

Incomplete Team Registration will result in slower processing, and possibly rejection of your team’s registration. To be considered a viable team, all teams must have a qualified coach/s, minimum number of players, appropriate fees, and field usage authorization. See ‘Late and Unviable teams’ above.

TIP: Use the Registration Checklist as a guide to make sure your team registration is complete before you turn it in.

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Field Representative Information
  • Logan City fields - Contact Katie Hollingsworth for field approval at 753-0513 or
  • North Logan fields (Elk Ridge and Meadow View) - Contact Travis Clements for field approval at 753-2410 or
  • Cedar Ridge - Contact Morey Maughan for field approval at 563-8260 or at:
  • Cub River Sports Complex - Contact Terri Baker at 753-8202 for field approval
  • Nibley fields - Contact Allan Haycock at 787-8541 or at for field approval and field usage policies.
  • Brigham City and Perry fields - Contact Stephanie Bennett for field approval at:
  • Bear River area school fields - Contact Sherrie Anderson for field approval at: 435. 275-0485 or
  • Hyrum fields - Brian Tippets for field authorization at:
  • River Heights fields - Mike Nelson for field authorization at:
Providence fields, Mendon Fields, Wellsville Fields, and College/Young Ward fields - Please contact Janet Blad at: registrar@southcachesoccer to find out who the current field rep is, for authorization.

**If you are asked to pay a usage fee, please contact Terri Baker
and she will arrange to have them paid for you**
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Player Pictures
Player photos must be uploaded to the Affinity Sports (ADG) system for each of your players. This can only be done by team administrators (coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers) or by registrars.   Just click on any of the links for Affinity Sports on this website to log into your account.

Please remember that player photos should be head or head and shoulder shots only, with no hats or funny faces. They should be like passport photos.

Helpful hint: as you are cropping photos, if you will set your crop parameters to 100 wide and 120 height, your photos will not be distorted when you print your game day rosters.

Note:  If you need help uploading your photos, feel free to contact Terri Baker or send them to her by email and she will be happy to crop and upload them for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What forms of payment can we use to pay our online fees? We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover cards, and e-checks, which allow you to take funds directly from your bank account. All team and field usage fees must be paid by check or cash directly to the league registrar during team registration. If you have any additional questions regarding payment options, please contact Terri Baker at 753-8202.

Question: When will the online registration be open so I can start registering players? Online registration should be open by May 28th. You can start having your players register as soon as you receive your team assignment codes. However, remember that teams may not hold tryouts until after Memorial day, and players must be given a minimum of 24 hours to accept a team’s invitation. X-League tryouts may start the Monday before Memorial Day.

Question: Does my team / player need player passes? Teams do NOT need player passes for regular league play or for in-state tournaments. If your team does want to travel to an out of state tournament, you will likely need passes. Contact your registrar to have them made. The cost is $50 for a team or $5 for an individual pass. Unregistered players that would like to guest play with your team in a tournament (even in-state tournaments) must have a Tournament Only card. The cost for a tournament only card is $20. Contact the registrar to have one made.

Question: How can I access my roster and my account information? When you register online as the Head Coach, you set up your username and password. You can then come back to our Northern Utah United website and on the upper right of the home page, click on the link: “Sports Affinity”. From here you can log into our online team management program. This is where you can look at your roster, and eventually check schedules, and upload game scores.

Question: What if my player cannot pay online? Our new policy demands that all players register online, however we do recognize that there may be extremely rare cases in which a family does not have a checking account. In these cases, the registration must be done through the Registrar. You will need to turn in the registration form, a copy of a signed parent code of conduct (also available on the website), an electronic player picture, and the appropriate player fees to the Registrar.

Question: I’ve turned in Birth Certificates for all of my players before, do I really have to collect them and turn them in again? If the player has played competition soccer, they probably do not need to turn in a copy of their birth certificate. The Registrar will contact the coach if a returning player does not have a copy of their birth certificate on file. If they do not have one on file, they will need to provide one before the season begins around the last week of August. Once your player is registered, coaches can get online, sign in through our online team management program “Sports Affinity”, and look at their player list to see if that player has a birth certificate already on file. If there is a “B” with a circle around it, to the left of the players name, then that player has a birth certificate on file and will not require an additional copy to be turned in. If you have any additional questions with regards to Birth Certificates or forms of Proof of age or our records, please feel free to contact the Registrar, Terri Baker at

Question: What is a Player Action Form and What is a Specialty Player Action Form? A player action form is the form you must fill out if you would like to either Release a player, Transfer a player, or Multiple Roster a player. A Specialty Player action form is the form used allow players to Guest play on other teams for tournaments only. These forms can be found on our website under Resources / and Downloads at: Please use the latest version of the Player Action form available on both the NUU and the UYSA websites.

Question: After Registration, can a player transfer from one team to another? Effective Fall of 2010, we have a new transfer policy. In essence the policy is this: No transfers may be done between teams except during the transfer window of November 15 through January 15th. Also, transfers will not be approved if it causes a team roster to fall to less than a minimum roster plus two (2) players. Additionally, teams may not have more than 5 transfers onto their rosters in a year. Finally, a special exception is allowed for teams within affiliated clubs. Teams within a club (such as between Infinity SC teams or between Northern Utah United teams) may transfer players from one of their club teams to another of their own club teams at any time. In other words: Intra club transfers will be unrestricted by the transfer window, but Inter club transfers will be restricted to the transfer window. Also, club teams must still comply with the maximum limit of 5 transfers a year. This policy has been developed to encourage players to remain on the team they committed to. When a player registers with a team in the Fall, that is considered a year long commitment on the part of the coach and the player. The complete transfer policy can be found on the state website at in their bylaws, section 7, policy 7326.

Question: When do games begin? In the Fall, games usually begin the last week of August or the First week in September and go through October. In the Spring, games usually begin around the 1st or 2nd week in April (a little sooner for state teams), and go through the end of May.

Question: When do Schedules come out? Schedules are usually available on our website a minimum of 2 or 3 weeks before games begin. Teams may reschedule games without charge for the first 10 days after schedules are posted. After that, there is a $20 reschedule fee for all reschedules. The complete Reschedule policy and procedure is available on the website under resources / downloads.

Question: I have a player who has decided not to play, how can they get a refund? We have a NO Refund policy, which is clearly stated during the registration process. We will not allow any refunds unless the reason a player is withdrawing is the fault of our organization, such as: Not enough teams for a division, etc.

Question: Who can I contact for additional information? If you have any questions you can contact me,Terri Baker, Northern Utah United’s Programs administrator and Registrar at the office at: (435) 753-8202, or by email at: And of course, Check the Website at: especially, the Resources page.

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Affinity Sports (ADG)
Affinity SportsNUU utilizes Affinity Sports to register and manage our Schedules and Player database. To access your team's information or to register your team or players for Challenger League play you will use this provider. To log into the website you will need a Sports Affinity username and password. 

Click Here or on their logo to the left to access this system.
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